Tom Legath - TL Performance - Pasadena, CA


"You will get results you never dreamed were possible. No one else has shown me that I can achieve so much."


“Tom has really changed my life by introducing me to stretching. I think he has given me a few more years of living a quality life.”


"Working with Tom has changed everything. After a car accident left me in chronic pain, I was afraid that I would have to stop doing so many of the things I loved - like hiking and riding my scooter in the foothills. Tom helped me to re-align and strengthen my body AND my mind. I now have hope for a continued active life doing the things I love. With continued training my posture, strength and flexibility continue to improve."


"I'm well into my journey recovering from chronic hip pain and a shoulder injury. I've visited physical therapists, deep tissue specialists and spent many an hour in the gym. I've made undeniable progress through each of these stages and learned quite a bit, but there was always something missing, never quite a complete solution that freed me from discomfort and restored my performance and mobility.

The physical therapist brought back some of my range of motion by strengthening weak muscles; the masseuse reduced my pain and improved my quality of life by partially relaxing angry and over used compensator muscles. But it was only when I met Tom and implemented his blend of stretching and strengthening that the incompleteness of my previous experiences came into sharp focus. Tom's program of common sense techniques encompassed, distilled and expanded on all my previous successes and, maybe more importantly, identified and eliminated my injurious and counter productive routines and habits.

There is no magic easy solution to pain and weakness, only hard work applied precisely, diligently and intelligently. I've made more progress with Tom in the last couple months than I had in the last 10 years. I wish I had met him sooner."


Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.
— Jim Rohn