What Kind of Car Is Your Body?

What Kind of Car Do you Drive? 

No matter what kind of car you drive I can believe that you care a lot to take care of it properly.  You probably make sure to get regular oil changes, replace the tires when needed, keep it washed and shiny, fill it with the gasoline it needs to run properly and keep the interior looking sharp.

Let's say you drive a BMW or a Tesla.  Do you take a car like that to any old random car garage?  Or do you take it to the people who know what's best for maintaining your car?  I believe that if you own a BMW you take your car to a BMW service provider.  I believe that if you own a Tesla you take your car to a Tesla service provider in order to have it serviced and maintained.  If it needs repairing you don't take it to that dumpy corner garage, NO, you take it to the best because this is YOUR car.

What Kind of Body Do you Drive?
Why do you treat your car with such respect and attention, but neglect your body?

In this example my goal is to create a different viewpoint to your health and physical training.  Group fitness classes are like the corner garage.  You would never take your BMW or Tesla there so why are you taking your body to a class that knows nothing about you?

In order to begin to write a program you have to know where you have come from to know where you are going.  Have you been injured?  How many times?  What were the injuries?

Have you played sports?  Which sports? For how long? What position were you?

Have you engaged in Strength training before?  How many years?  What exercises did you engage in?  etc.

These are just a few, but without knowing the answers to these questions you can't begin to understand the person in front of you.  You cannot design a training program without this information. 

Each person is unique.  They have had different experiences both physically and emotionally.  They are different shapes.  they are different ages.  They have eaten different foods, taken different supplements, and dealt with circumstances in their life.

So reach a little bit higher and see how far you can actually go.  See where your potential truly lies instead of following the crowd.  Treat yourself as the most incredible living being in the world. 

Tom Legath