Training Is Not The Sport

If There is Pain, There Is No Gain

Design your training to complement your life.  Design your training to make you better physically so that when you play a sport you are better.  Design your training so that life is physically easier, and you are happier.  Design your training so that you have as little physical pain as possible and so that you can handle mental pain with ease and succeed more often when faced with challenges.  Create a physical goal so that you can accomplish something instead of just meaningless exercise.  Go outside, play, experience the world and have fun rather than feeling guilty because you missed a class this week.  You can have so much more if you want it.

Working out is working out.  It's not about pushing yourself as hard as you can every time you are in the gym.  It's not about testing your capabilities every time you are in the gym.  It's not about punishing yourself for having that drink you like, that piece of pizza you like or that cupcake you like so much.  Working out is not even all there is to training.  It's training because it's practice, it's self-improvement, it's physical improvement, it's health, it's happiness so that life is better, or so that you are better, or sport is easier. 

We are not competing against other gym goers.  We are not there to punish ourselves.  Some soreness can happen but why are we measuring our success by the pain we feel?  When or why did our priorities become so backward?  Why not measure your success by the amount of happiness you experience?  Or to understand what makes you happy? Or how about by how little pain you feel?  How about designing your training so that you get all that you want out of life and sport with as little pain as possible? 

When we experience an injury why do we tell ourselves it's because we are weak?  Why don't you instead say to yourself "I'm sorry, I could have taken better care of you.  I trained too much, I ignored the little pains and as they grew bigger I still told myself I was weak until I broke and proved it so."  Do you pay for recovery sessions with your trainer?  Do you schedule recovery?  Do you say I want to be better at stretching, at meditating, at treating my body with the respect it deserves.

Why do trainees always commiserate with each other about the "torture" they are experiencing?  Why is it that YOU HAVE LET YOUR BODY GO SO FAR AWAY FROM HEALTHY?  What's happening in your life that you allowed yourself to fall so far?  What is it that you really want? 

If you realized all of your physical dreams would you be happy with yourself?  Would you be happy with your life? 

Physical training is to improve yourself so that you can enjoy and participate in the activities that really matter.  To play the sport, to spend time with family and to be pain free while you do it.

Tom LegathComment