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Hi, I'm Tom, and as a physical preparation coach I can help you to “overcome limiting factors to reach your potential in sports and life.”

When I started out as a personal trainer years ago, I worked at a number of typical gyms before I discovered King Sports International (KSI).
KSI changed the way I train forever and gave me the tools to empower my clients to reach their physical goals.

My clients choose me because my practice is holistic, long-term and focused on what’s best for them, rather then following current trends.

I’m here for you, whether you want increased flexibility, strength training, program design, speed and endurance training, improved health and nutrition or injury rehabilitation.

I believe that injuries are unacceptable, and being able to play and do the things that you want to do to enjoy life, is of the utmost priority. I want you to experience life on your terms.

I work with athletes (of varying levels) and non-athletes alike, and together, we will design a training plan that fits with your unique history and experience and helps you fulfill your potential, so that you can be ready to reach your personal goals.

As your coach, I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but I can promise you that I will always be authentic, conscientious, and straightforward in our communications.  

I can help you prepare your body for competition regardless of your preferred sport, work with you to overcome limiting beliefs so you can live the life you want, and teach you to listen to your body so you can heal yourself.

Sincerely, Tom



After growing up in Philadelphia, Tom moved to Los Angeles in 2003.  He was a personal trainer for eight years, a master instructor at Equinox and an owner of his own gym .

In 2014 he found King Sports International where he learned the tools and specialized knowledge to help his clients reach their full potential in sports and life through physical preparation coaching. Physical Preparation develops the person as a whole for success and long term health and happiness.

As an active sportsman, he has experience playing baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey and is an avid rock climber who loves the outdoors.



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